Pensar Puzzle Answers

Falling in love

Head over heels

In between jobs

Beating around the bush

Out on a limb

Running back

High fives

Icing on the cake

Square root

Pipe down

Back to back

Balance the books

Bear in mind

Blessing in disguise

Bottom line

Circle the wagons

Coast is clear

Double talk

Life after death

Sixth sense

Flat tire

Foot in the door

For days on end

Forever and a day


Free loader

Three square meals

Balanced budget

Hand in hand

Hands are tied

High seas

Scrambled eggs

Land on two feet

Show of hands

Dime a dozen

Behind bars

Rough around the edges

Nail in the coffin

On all fours

Blow up

Half baked

Half time

All in all


Fat chance

Hot potato

Just right

Just in case

Jack in the box

Missing you

Down payment

Lake Ontario

Love at first sight

Odds are against you

Do without


Read between the lines

Holy cow

Neon lights

Seeing eye dog

A touching moment

Laid back


Not in use

Two feet

Little did I know

Blue without you

Hole in one

Step mother

No one to blame

Left overs

One life to live




Foreign movie

One step forward two steps back


High chair

Wake up little Suzie

Shadow of a doubt

A tune up

The last straw

Shop online

Part time job

Poison Ivy

The underdog

One thing after another

One step ahead

Bags under the eyes

Upright piano

Bark up the wrong tree

Be all that you can be

Behind closed doors

Behind the eight ball

Belabor the point

Birds and the bees

Bring home the


Bull in a china shop

All bark and no bite

A drop in the bucket

A day late and a

dollar short

Asleep at the wheel

Back to the drawing


Batten down the hatches

Early bird catches

the worm

Every trick in the book

Laughter is the best


Light at the end of the tunnel

Loose lips sinks


Money burns a hole in your pocket

Monday morning


More bang for your buck

On the tip of your


One good turn deserves another

Paint yourself into

a corner

Pay through the nose

Plain as the nose

on your face

Pot calling the kettle black

Powder your nose

Preaching to the choir

Put all your eggs in

one basket

Put your cards on the table

Rain on your parade

Shot down in flames

Skeletons in the


Speak with a forked tongue

Square peg in a

round hole

Squeaky wheel gets the grease

Stick out like a sore


Stitch in time saves nine

Talking to a brick wall

Three sheets to the wind

Throw your hat into

the ring

Turn water into wine

Two heads are better

than one

Up a river without a paddle

Upset the apple cart

Wake up and smell the coffee

Walk a mile in my


Wear your heart on your sleeve

Add fuel to the fire

Crying over spilt milk

Dog days of


Flash in the pan

Get down to brass


Great minds think alike

Have an axe to


Hell in a hand basket

Raining cats

and dogs

Shoe is on the other foot

Bring down the


The apple of his eye